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Current Exhibits

Becky Holtzman: Taproot

David Ondrik : Please Add Water


Contemporary Albuquerque presents two new art exhibits: mixed-media works by Becky Holtzman and photographs by David Ondrik.

Becky Holtzman's imagery deals with the interior of the human body. She draws organs, bones, vessels - relating them to personal or global issues. Fish swim around pelvis bones; moons are encircled by teeth or pebbles. Her work refers to the lunar cycle, to fish, to the inner workings of the human body. In some ways, these elements relate to water -- which provides the theme of David Ondrik's pieces. The lack of water in the desert southwest where we live is something that we have become increasingly aware of in recent months. Ondrik has photographed locations around New Mexico that are affected by the lack of water. These two artists approach the concept of water in completely different ways. One has to wonder if the common thread is intentional or coincidental, as Holtzman and Ondrik are married to each other.

Virtual exhibits are presented on an ongoing basis, featuring contemporary art which is made in Albuquerque, seen in Albuquerque, or relevant to Albuquerque. Past shows are archived below. Please contact us if you are interested in submitting work for consideration.

Melody Mock


Visit our past online exhibits

May - June 2006
Maddie Lusk: Daydream
February - April 2006
David Polka Image
David Polka: Juvenile Dystopiate
November 2005 - January 2006
Aaker image
Bret Aaker: Hyper Fake
September - October 2005
Transitions image
TRANSITIONS: Albuquerque Contemporary juried exhibition 2005
July - August 2005
Gronk image
Gronk: BrainFlame and Ainadamar
May - June 2005
Popowcer image
Rachel Popowcer: Weave
Sbarge image

Suzanne Sbarge: Observatories

Read a review by Steve Allen at the Alibi of Suzanne Sbarge's exhibits at Contemporary Albuquerque and at the PaperGami Gallery!

April 2005
Rini Price image
Death Self: a collaboration
paintings by Rini Price and poetry by V.B. Price
March 2005
Land Arts image
  Land Arts of the American West
 February 2005
 Ali Badoin image  Ali Badoin
 LaVerne Harper image  LaVerne Harper
 January 2005
Noami Shersty image

Naomi Shersty: Romance


Read "Close at Hand", a review of Contemporary Albuquerque exhibits in the January 21 issue of the Albuqerque Tribune!

Amy Traylor image
Amy Traylor: Sum of the Parts
 December 2004
Wig Lawn
: two exhibits and collaborative works by Bartley Johnson and Sam McBride
Johnson image
Bartley Johnson
McBride image
Sam McBride
WigLawn image
Collaborative Works
October - November 2004 
Scott Krichau:
New Works
  Kay Whitney:
Simple Minded
September - October 2004
Valerie Roybal:
Excerpts from the Chronicles of Accumulation
Mary Antonia Wood:
Poco a Poco



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