Maddie Lusk: Beautiful

Madelon Lusk: Daydream

May - June 2006


I first saw Madelon Lusk's images when I was asked to help judge the Metro Youth Art Exhibit, an art show of Albuquerque high school students' work. My judging partner Jim Kraft and I selected two of her images for awards, not knowing that they were made by the same person. I decided to try and track her down to see if she would be interested in having a show on the Contemporary Albuquerque Web site. She brought me this series, a beautiful body of work which holds together as a cohesive show. She starts with photographic images, then combines darkroom techniques and digital manipulation to create her imagery.

--Melody Mock

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Maddie Lusk: Daydream
Maddie Lusk: Innocence
Maddie Lusk: Fly
Maddie Lusk: Fall
Maddie Lusk: Bright Eyes
Maddie Lusk: Floating
Maddie Lusk: Beautiful
Maddie Lusk: Discovery
Maddie Lusk: Marionette
Maddie Lusk: Childhood
Maddie Lusk: Pond Dweller
Maddie Lusk: Faded
Daydream, digital image, 2006 Innocence, digital image, 2006 Fly, digital image, 2006 Fall, digital image, 2006 Bright Eyes, digital image, 2006 Flaoting, digital image, 2006 Beautiful, digital image, 2006 Discovery, digital image, 2006 Marionette, digital image, 2006 Childhood, digital image, 2006 Pond Dweller, digital image, 2006

Faded, digital image, 2006

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