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Read discussion about the "contemporary art scene" in Albuquerque and Wesley Pulkka's review of the Transitions exhibition in the Albuquerque Journal (fall 2005).

In his review (available online to Journal subscribers), Pulkka wrote that "there is no Albuquerque art scene" -- a statement which has created some lively dialogue. Read some of the responses collected.

Want to add your own two cents? Sign up for the yahoo discussion group below and post a response.

One of the most important aspects of contemporary art is the discussion that it encourages, provokes, or provides. To that end, an email list has been set up to provide a venue for announcing events as well as to stimulate discussion throughout our contemporary arts community.


This list is set up through Yahoo, a free service, so apologies for the banner ads that will accompany the emails. You can sign up for different options - you may receive the emails as a "digest" which will be sent infrequently, if individual email messages are too overwhelming.


Go to the Contemporary Albuquerque Yahoo Group page to read current postings and for more information.


Excerpts or discussion threads may be posted on this web site as well.


Please follow basic rules of politeness when posting messages.


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