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Kay Whitney: Simple Minded

October 15 - November 30, 2004


"Technology has x-ray vision and reveals the hidden interiors of everything that surrounds us. I am fascinated by this technological strip tease and the metaphor of transparency is a major influence on my work. My work is all exterior; there are no surfaces that hide or obscure; the entire object is open to the viewer's curious stare. At the same time, because there is no symmetry in my work, every shift in viewing angle creates a different piece." Read Kay Whitney's complete artist statement and bio >>


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Shovel (3 views), steel, foam, 2003 Mod Art #1, tar paper, 2003 Sponge Bb #2, multi media, 37", 2003 Dble Rkr (2 views), steel, 5', 2003 FRK, steel,
6' x 4' x 3'
Sponge Bb #2, multi media, 18", 2003  Sponge Bb #4, multi media, 35", 2003  Rocker (3 views), steel, 14" x 28", 2003 Sponge Bb #3 , multi media, 53", 2003 Mod Art #2, tar paper
(4 views), steel, 15', 2003
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