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Bret Aaker: Hyper Fake


The digital photographs are a series called Hyper-Fake. On first observation one might be fooled into thinking the subject is "real" but on closer inspection they are obviously miniature plastic models. The objects reside in a world of enigmatic theater, akin to models in a wax museum, except the context is askew; there is no defined place to understand them. The work is so fake that it starts becoming something other than what is obviously depicted.

To make the digital photograph I construct a scene using HO scale models, which I get from hobby stores. While constructing the scene I have a specific perspective in mind. I then light the scene using a variety of light sources such as LED lights, daylight lamps, and flashlights. Then I shoot the scene several times, using a digital camera, making small adjustments to the lighting and perspective. From the 15 or so shots I pick the strongest one and delete the rest. I then have the digital file enlarged, laminated, and mounted on dibond. Each digital print is in an edition of four.

--Bret Aaker, 2005

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Trailer, digital print, 20"x24"
Pool, digital print, 20"x24"
Garage, digital print, 20"x24"
Party, digital print, 30"x34"
Car in Ditch, digital print, 20"x24"
Rooftop, digital print, 20"x24"
Woman in Chair, digital print, 20"x24"
Window, digital print, 20"x24"
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