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Suzanne Sbarge: Observatories

May - June 2005


Artist's Statement

"With the Observatories series I am exploring house and tower forms as metaphysical homes for birds, faces, and figures. My fascination with birds is inspired by the paradox between their freedom of flight, and the stability of their domesticity. Birdhouses are characters in my work, in the process of change crumbling, looking, walking, and growing.

"In these pieces, the landscape is made up of fragments. Bits and pieces create spaces within spaces. The surfaces bring together oil and acrylic painting with collage elements celebrating forms and rhythms in nature. Plant life, roots, blossoms, and birds become the habitat for metaphors of fertility, regeneration, and spiritual freedom." Read artist's complete statement and bio >>

Read a review by Steve Allen at the Alibi of Suzanne Sbarge's exhibits at Contemporary Albuquerque and at the PaperGami Gallery!

Selected images are courtesy of Nuart Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. More about the artist can be found at www.suzannesbarge.com.

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Attracting Birds, mixed media on panel, 30"x34" Flood, oil & collage on panel, 16"x16" Observatories, mixed media on panel, 34"x30" The Key to the Castle, oil & collage on board, 22"x21" Catwalk, oil & collage on board, 28"x15" Elevation, mixed media on panel, 24"x24" Nest, oil & collage on panel, 24"x28" Pinnacle, mixed media on board, 12"x6" Chickadee, oil & collage on board, 15"x7.5" Who Who, oil & collage on panel, 28"x24" Skyport, oil & collage on board, 22"x18" Constellation, oil & collage on board, 6"x6" Smokestack, oil & collage on board, 23"x21"
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