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Three poems by TERRY MULERT

curated by Susan McAllister of Harwood Art Center and Harwood Review

Susan McAllister has selected these poems in response to Scott Krichau's art exhibit.

Let me explain death, son

Don't walk naked in the garden tonight

It's Like Love

Terry Mulert's bio


Let me explain death, son

When you are the willows
and their finches gladly in and out
of shadowy nests tangled deep
within blackberry brambles
and October hesitates
in the naked cold

red is the color of your blood
before it touches air
yellow are the apples
in the dead man's field

how can all this die?
who spreads this rumor of death?

looking at you as you slip into a bath
I understand the meaning of torsos and toes

outside cows wander through an icy fog
following the night rivers
finding each other and everything green
their horns shed into the broken grass

one day we wake up
and the apples have fallen
some birds are flying south
and there is nothing to explain


Don't walk naked in the garden tonight

Before light the poppy blooms
and petals tremble in the breeze

people appear out of warm beds

with sleep in their pockets
and rain in their eyes


we expect to harvest peaches and beans
and anything green that doesn't move.


It's Like Love

This morning I saw the swirling
arrival of snowclouds gathering
a prayer around the neck
of sierra mosca

I remembered the chicanery of rainbows
and their trout returning to the blood
and feathers of snowbanks

somewhere the sun slowly arced
across the firmament with no meanning

touching his naked feet
I carry a boy
fresh from a sleep world
into the dark kitchen
to boil water

waiting for dawn
he says its still night
and we curl up in a chair
to read about trucks

it's easy to pass through
these portals of instinct
without ever knowing
the smell of hair.

Terry Mulert began writing and publishing poetry in 1980, and he has continued to pursue this art through readings, performances and publication in literary journals. In May of 2003, one of his poems was selected as an award poem by Plainsongs; a critical essay accompanies its publication. Recently, Mulert's poems have appeared (or are forthcoming) in The Lilliput Review, Mudfish, Mid-American Poetry Review, The Madison Review, Puerto del Sol, The Chiron Review, and others.

Mulert has lived in Cordova, New Mexico, for the last 15 years where he earns a living as a wood sculptor, working in both contemporary and traditional styles. He and his wife Paula Castillo (painter and sculptor) operate their own gallery there. His most recent chapbook, called Facing Chalk, is published by his own small press.


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