Rachel Popowcer: Artist Statement

My paintings function as textural snapshots; individual entities that capture specific moments or ideas and yet still relate to each other by the nature of the markmaking, color, and spatial relationships between the forms. They speak about transition, but a transition that hasnāt been very consistent in its progression or strength. It has been, at alternate times, gradual and painful and lovely and overwhelming. Nothing has been expected, and yet everything has been welcomed.

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Each piece reflects a wavelength in my mental monitor, that I attempt to decipher with the same intensity that I watched the monitor at my daughter's birth.

These visual strands(wavelengths) weave together to form the fabric of my particular process, or progress, through this transitional space.ŹAnd though they're generally non-representational, I intend that people identify with them out of the memories or moments that the colors and marks recollect. That personal identification is part of what iām so drawn to about painting. It gives me an opportunity to connect with people, some of whom i never meet, but all with whom i've shared some common experience.


Born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 1970, Rachel Popowcer has lived in Albuquerque since 1996, when she moved here to get her Master's of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from UNM. She received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Drawing from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was also certified as a K-12 art instructor before going to graduate school. She has exhibited her work extensively, both locally and nationally, and has participated in artists residencies such as the Vermont Studio Center. Rachel has been (and is also currently) part-time faculty at UNM and TVI Community College, teaching Drawing, Painting, Two-Dimensional Design and Introduction to Studio Arts. She has also taught for the Harwood Art Center, Magnifico, and conducts mixed-media painting workshops in her home studio. Rachel's work can be viewed (or commissioned) at Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque, Box Gallery in Santa Fe, and Robin Ficara Fine Art in Beverly Hills, CA.

In a recent review of Rachel's Mariposa Gallery show Collective in the Albuquerque Journal (April 24, 2005), the author stated, "Her work feels familiar and personal while it expands the imagination".

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