Sam McBride

Artist Statement

Sam McBride portrait
There's a theory that a thing is ugly because it has a characteristic or quality that doesn't belong or is out of place. It has something that makes a person uncomfortable and want to erase it. Or, maybe cover it up or change it. Maybe it needs to be ignored or shunned. Maybe it should be snuffed out, or preserved as special and unique. Maybe we pity the ugly thing. Perhaps it's not ugly at all, but incredible and beautiful.

As I work, I'm trying to achieve some kind of balance. If the thing is missing a leg, it gets balance from a bunny tail or sprouts a wheel. If their bodies are deformed, the weight of other parts make it stable. The thing still functions as a whole in spite of what's missing.

I'm working into and out of what is communicable and what is incommunicable - between the real and the imagined. I try to wiggle into that space that is between past and future - the psychology is fractured but complete.

I moved west from Waynesboro, Georgia, the Birddog Capitol of the World, in 1989. I lived in Los Angeles for many years and studied at Otis College of Art and Design.

Now I live in the head of Camel Rock. I have been collaborating with Bartley Johnson and am inspired by his work. That third hand creates another artist/character/s. By combining our work, we have made something that is not me or Bart, but this whole other Thing. And it is always a surprise.

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